Daugthers of Filhas de St. Eusebius


Every authentic spirituality originates in the Trinity, source of life, of love, of spiritual energy that is transmitted in its creatures and in a very special way in humans. [Read more about Spirituality in the work of St. Eusebius]

St. Eusebius

While the persecution of Diocletian and Maximian was terrorizing Rome, Eusebius’s father was taken from Africa to Rome as a prisoner. Before reaching the destination, he died leaving his consort named Restituta, a daughter who was distinguished by her virginity and an only son. [Know St. Eusebius]

The Founders

Darius was the second of Giuseppe and Francesca Gallina Bognetti’s four children. His father was a saddler in Albano Vercellese (Italy). The family Bognetti was known in town for their hospitality, especially to monks and nuns who passed through the city, begging.

Luigina Arrigoni was the eldest of twelve children of Ambrogio Arrigoni and Angela Battaini; she was born on December 25, 1868 in Chiaravalle Milanese.


Misson and Charisma

The Mission of our Religious Family springs from the contemplation of the Trinity, source of our spirituality and our action.


Maria: Virgin of the Hill - Crea and Oropa, Maria: Our Lady of Oropa, Maria: Our Lady of Consolata, Maria: Our Lady of St Eusebius, Maria: Faith in Mary of Mother Eusebia and Marian Profile in the Church.


Lay Fraternity

As Daughters of St. Eusebius, in light of the legacy of our Founders and the post-conciliar ecclesial sensitivity, we feel called to contribute in building a Church in which all members, although differently, participate in the common vocation to holiness.

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