Disciples and Missionaries of Jesus: 21 years in the northeastern hinterland

The Brazilian CRB invited religious Congregations to prioritize the formation of new communities in the northeast, where the presence of priests and religionists was scarce. Our Congregation “Daughters of St. Eusebius of Vercelli” (Italy), yielded to this request by sending three sisters to Malhada dos Bois - Sergipe, in the Diocese of Propriá.

Community of the Sisters

It was December 6, 1989, the day when we arrived, full of enthusiasm and with the desire to incarnate the charism of charity of our founders: Priest Dario Bognetti and Mother Eusebius Arrigoni, in the spirit of the early Christian communities founded by St. Eusebius di Vercelli.

We saw in Malhada dos Bois, a small town in the Northeast, located in the smallest state of Brazil, the present Nazaré, poor and forgotten. Here we set up our tent inserted among the people, with the desire to be partakers of their lifestyle, in all its expressions, before thinking about planning or doing any activities.

Gradually, knowing the needs of the people and the communities, we tried to give an answer, along with the people.

Our goal was, and still is, the integral development of the human person, whether in personal, group or community relationship. We wanted to offer only the favorable opportunities so that the energies and capacities saved for a long time could flourish. Training has always been our priority!

Pilgrimage of the earth

Over these 21 years we have succeeded in training leaders who can walk on their own legs. We, sisters, are always available to offer encouragement, support and collaboration so that, ever more, each one takes their own commitments in the service of a Christian community where fraternal relations, collaboration, solidarity and sharing are attitudes that cheer up any activity .

From the beginning our visits and presence reached the villages and the nearest settlements, the needy and forgotten.


We introduced the people to the knowledge of the Bible and the grasp of the fundamental importance of God's Word, as light in maturing the faith and strength along the way. Today the Bible is back into the hands of the people and has become the irreplaceable catechesis book.

Catechesis and training of catechists have been with us from the beginning. The most beautiful fruit is the Biblical Catechetical School “St. Mark”, which gathers at our center “Mary of Nazareth” catechists from across the diocese.

Participation in CEBs and CEBI, Bible Circles, Prayerful Reading, Retreats, Spirituality Meetings, Prayers in homes and on the streets, popular missions, youth missions ... want to help connect faith and life and feel of a living church members.

Promoting humans

Group “Seed of Tomorrow”

In the desire to get children and teens from the street, life was given to the education project “Seed of Tomorrow”.

At the Handicraft Center “Our Lady of Aparecida” several vocational courses for teenagers and young people are held.

To redeem the development of embroiderers, the creation of a working group was promoted.

Community effort housing

Seeing homeless families with huddled children, the house renovation and building project was implemented in a community effort.

To address the serious problem of child mortality, a Child´s Pastoral was implemented also to monitor pregnant mothers.
Everyday we help people become aware of their dignity, grow in self-esteem, improve their own family relationships, especially with the children, and make their own decisions with courage.

Community effort housing
Naturally the difficulties and disappointments abound, but we know that God goes before us, walks with us and only he can reach the hearts.

Our main job is to love and be a small sign of God's tenderness.

We strive to be sowers of hope and peace!

Reference-Address: Daughters of St. Eusebius
Rua da Igreja, 102
49940–000 Malhada dos Bois (Sergipe) Brasil
79 / 33 65 10 04
E-mail: ir.santoeusebio@gmail.com

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