Father Dario and Mother Eusebia: Open to the horizons of the world - Testimonials

Mother Eusebia - Fundadora
“In 1897, my superiors sent me to ask for alms in the city of Vercelli. I ended up staying with the Bognetti family. It was the first time the good Father Dario talked to me. Among other things, he said, “Listen, Sister Francisca, I'll tell you a secret; it's been a while I've wanted to be a missionary, or attend a religious house as chaplain or director of a monastery.” He wanted to take counsel from me. I replied that I was not able to give him advice and told him that he already did missionary work, obeying wherever Providence had placed him in, i.e., in the village of Confienza. I further added that if it was God's that he would be the director or the chaplain of the institute, the Lord would have already revealed it to him. At the moment he should cheerfully fulfill the will of God, obeying his pastor, and I concluded, “Remember that your parents are elderly and you are an only child.” This was the advice that I, poor sister, could give him, and we said goodbye.”

Sister Eusebia Arrigoni Autobiographical Notes

“Father Dario enrolled as a perpetual member of the Missionary Union of the Clergy on June 21, 1927 with the desire to offer his prayers and suffering so that all the world could come to worship the Crucified and Risen Christ, the only Savior of the world: “Omnis terra adoret Te!”“

Sister Rosa Ortaglia
“It was August 1, 1925, on the way back from the Cathedral, where we had gone to pray at the tomb of St. Eusebius, the Father and the Mother gathered the community in the courtyard to perform a ritual every year on this day: having ice cream.

We were talking in one corner - Sister Olimpia, Sister Noemi, Sister Giuditta, Sister Raffaella and I. It was the day after Vesting. We wanted a patron saint for our new religious name. I said, “I've already chosen one. My protector will be St. Rose of Viterbo.” I knew her because she was one of the protectors of the Catholic Action. Father listened and interjected, “Not at all. Your protector is St. Rose of Lima and when we open a house in Peru you will go there.” Those words ended our discussion.

Today the prophecy was fulfilled, and since January 1996, three sisters have been working in Chimbote, blessed by God and protected by our Father Founder.”

Sister Rosa Ortaglia
“In 1935, after the feast of St. Eusebius, Mother thought about going to Camburzano to rest a fortnight. Mother Vicar, Sister Giuseppina Gatti, wanted me to go as a nurse, in addition to Sister Daria, her Secretary.

One day, around 10 am, the superior of the house of Camburzano, Sister Martina Creta, said to Mother, “They called from the bishopric of Biella saying that by 4 pm Bishop Garigliano and another bishop from Sao Paulo, Brazil, will come to talk.”
In fact, at 4 o'clock, the two arrived and Mother wanted me to participate in the conversation, as well. The Bishop from Brazil, coming from Friuli, asked if Mother could not transfer at least two sisters to work with disabled children.

The Mother Founder was thrilled with the request for as early as 1933, following a request from a Lateran priest, nurtured the desire to open a house in Brazil. Mother said that she could not make a decision, but as soon as he returned to Vercelli she would make the proposal to the Council. Then, she would give the answer through the Bishop of Biella.

On August 20, Mother left Camburzano, and one day later she gathered the Council. Only one of four councilors was in favor of opening a house in Brazil, Sister Vincenza Bonelli. The others, Sister Agnese Bezzi, Sister Giuseppina Gatti and Sister Giovanna Gatti Momo thought that the work abroad should be postponed.

Mother was disappointed with the refusal. However, she remained calm and said, “I see the will of God in this refusal and I think that maybe the time to leave Italy has not come. I am sure that the day when our charity work will be opened in Brazil and our sisters will take our spirit of charity and sacrifice.”

The prophecy has come true. Since 1985 the charisma of the Founders has incarnated on Brazilian soil, the seed has been planted and the first fruits of laical and religious consecration have already come forth.”

Sister Rosa Ortaglia

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