Father Dario and Mother Eusebia: Our intercessors with God - Testimonials

“In 1947 I found a respectable person. Confiding, he told me, “When I see one of the Daughters of St. Eusebius, I suffer.” I asked, “Why?” He replied, “Because at first I did not know the Founders and I persecuted the congregation like the others did. Then when I knew them, I did not know how to repair the harm done. They were favorite souls, they never revolted, they had died to themselves.”

In 1958 I had the opportunity to talk to the good Father Amedeo Ruscetta. I asked why our Founders were not servants of God yet. He replied, “Sister, I met them before you. I would not make them servants of God, I would make them saints. They were persecuted in every way. Most were persecuted and even more they did good. And they said, “They are our benefactors.”

He told me many things. As he spoke I could not hold back the tears.”
Sister Brigid Bertacchi

“In September, 1046, I contracted typhus. I was at the end, according to the doctors. All organs had been affected. Nobody knew what to do. I vomited continuously and even vomited feces. An internal bleeding started. There was general intoxication. I knew I was very ill. On October 1, I started a novena to our Founders. On the 6th day General Mother, Sister Agnese Bezzi came to visit me with his secretary and Sister Olímpia. Mother prepared me to heaven... The word “death” was hard to accept, such was the confidence that I had in the Founders. Surely I looked up and said to Mother, “I will not die. I feel it, my time has not come yet.” It was the eighth day of the novena and I attribute the grace received to them.
Doctors, teachers, nurses and sisters were amazed. They also found that my healing was a gift from God.”

Sister Gioconda Crippa
“In 1941 I had the opportunity to go for the first time to the clinic of the Sisters, which I still do today. What a lot of physical suffering during these eight years! Every day the good sisters had words of comfort, and, thank God, faith and resignation never lacked.

Everything was bearable with the help of God's grace, even misery, but I was overwhelmed by a moral cross that kept me from making me sane: my husband's infidelity, until then fond of me and the whole family.

One day I had the grace to speak with Mother and Sister Daria. I trusted them with my sufferings. They encouraged me and made me pray three Our Father's, Hail Mary's and Glory Be's, through the intercession of Mother Eusebia and Father Dario. After a few months joy was back to my family. I continue to suffer physically, but I'm happy, thanks to the Founders to whom I will be recognized, in hope that they will be glorified.”

Maria Cerri
“I, the undersigned, Jose Bilingui, born in Piacenza on December 14, 1902, and living in Andora, declare that in 1949, on December 2, was hit by a car on Via Aurelia in Alassio, when I returned from a visit to one of my nieces. I broke my legs, lost my teeth and had a beginning of concussion. I lost my sight.

I was taken to Alassio Hospital. The Sisters of Andora, Sister Cristina and Sister Isidora, came to visit me because I was a friend and benefactor. Sister Isidora should renew vows on December 16, and I, taking advantage of the visit the day before, entrusted myself in her prayers to the holy founders. The following day I should undergo a lumbar injection to check for blood in the brain, because my head hurt too much.

It was certainly a grace because that very day, December 16, the headache was gone, along with the fever and felt better so that three days later I left the hospital and returned to my chores.

I should be grateful to the sisters who raised their prayers to the great founders of the Pius Institute of St. Eusebius, who heeded the prayers of their daughters and with their powerful intercession received from God this great grace. I declare all this be true.”
Joseph Bilingui

“The whole community began to call on our Founders for the conversion of a patient who 30 years before did not practice the religion and did not want the sacraments. With persevering prayer and unshakeable confidence, we achieved the desired grace. Finally, he himself asked for the sacraments saying he wanted to die as a Christian.

Another grace was achieved. Sister Fausta had been bedridden for fifteen days with a pulmonary crisis. Professor Cecchini spoke of an operation. We prayed to the Founders and had a mass celebrated in their praise. Our prayer was heard and surgery was avoided. The sister was healed.”

Sister Francesca - Sister Fausta - Sister Martina

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