Father Dario: How he continues to live and act - Testimonials

Father Dário - Founder
“Long live Jesus!

Hearken unto me, my good Father! You who are in heaven now, remember and pray for me, miserable creature, so that I can always with humility, clarity and joy accomplish all that Jesus wants from me, and always do everything under the gaze of God for his greater glory.

Oh, good Father, you know how much we suffered at the beginning of this work for the poor: men, women, children who came to us. We, with such devotion and love, we welcomed them, recognizing that they are members of the living Christ. You, Father, you know that I still suffer for the sake of our family. Help me and bless me from heaven, so that my work is useful in building the Kingdom of God.

Oh, holy Father, pray, pray for the humble Mother Eusebia, still a pilgrim on this earth, and who needs so much support. Pour out your holy blessing on me and on our pious home. Grant that I may one day find myself with you and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ for eternal ages in heaven.”

Mother Eusebia Arrigoni - Founder
Vercelli, May 3, 1937
“Oblivious to all social truculent competitions, Father Dario prayed, worked in silence, conceived and completed a project which, at that time, was crazy because the spirits were opposed to any aid to a poor person who needed everything and who could not give anything that the ambitious expected.

His project seemed so strange that even those who were not contrary to it pitied. He, however, was always determined, keeping to himself the sufferings, and dispensing to others the comfort and love that comes from God and that returns to him in the offering of souls won.”

Brother Macedonio, De La Salle Brother

“Father Dario was a glory of the Church, relief of suffering people. It was all for others and nothing for him. The Daughters of St. Eusebius have a saint in heaven.

On Wednesday I celebrated Mass for him. I will always make a special keepsake, and I hope that one day he is brought to the glory of the altars.”

Father Jose Motta - Biella Piazzo
“I was always his sincere friend, his close confidant in the sad days of his long-suffering. I shared his sorrow and the cup of his passion. His sweet and affable figure was etched in my soul and will not be erased.

He was a good priest, pious, affectionate, who sacrificed his life for his community. The good Father will protect his daughters from heaven, and will always get them many blessings.”

Father Jose Prandi - Salesian
“How can I forget the good days spent in this house, surrounded by every care and kindness of the Father? Unforgettable the work of the Father, who knew how to advise, opine and help in a timely manner. He was primarily a spiritual director and it is as such that I keep him in my memory. I hope that he, from heaven, continue to watch for me. “

Father Pedro Ferraris - Dean of Vintebbio
“Father Dario gave me his friendship and I have always been an admirer of his work, his zeal for the cause of the poor and his big heart.”

Father Jose Ferrero, prior of St. Michael
“Mrs. Bianca Bonomi Tiso fell ill on March 12, 1936, after the delivery. She was affected by postpartum fever. Teacher Masazza, after several consultations with Dr. Bertone, on March 27, stated that the woman was a hopeless case.

He said that only a miracle would save her. The sisters and the patient then began a novena to Father Founder, on March 29, to ask for the restoration of the young mother.

On the fourth day of the novena the professor came back and found an inexplicable improvement. He said then, “This is a true miracle.” After the novena she was noticeably better and out of danger and could even walk.”

Sister Daria Arrigoni - Journal N. 1
“On April 18, 1944, after 15 days of malaise and cold, I was in Novara and began to feel sharp pains in my right ear. Coming back to Vercelli, full of fever, Mother took me to Teacher Verdolini, who said that I had a strong congestion in the ear extending to the parietal. Upon arriving home, I went to bed. The pain increased, generalizing. The fever rose and the doctor began to worry, as well as the Mother and the other sisters.

I asked Mother to begin a novena to the Virgin of Oropa, through the intercession of our venerable Founder. In 1932 Mother had devoted me to the Virgin of Oropa through the intercession of the Founder for another illness that I had. At that time I was saved.

The novena was started by the community and my students. On the third day the danger of mastoiditis disappeared. Going to the doctor, on the 25th, he found the reduction of congestion and, on May 2, he said that the healing of my ear was one of the few happy cases.

Even in these few cases the cure had lasted much longer. My gratitude to the Virgin and to our Father.”

Sister Daria Arrigoni - Journal N. 4
“On April 16, 1944, Holy Saturday, Father Guala of Masserano came to the Institute. He had been sent by the Vicar General, who told him, “Come to the Sisters of St. Eusebius and they will give you a bowl of soup.” Sister Daria welcomed him and gave him the bowl. The priest added, “I met the Father Founder at the seminar. This saintly soul suffered greatly at the hands of the teachers. He is certainly at the top and I do not know if the teachers see him.” Sister Daria interrupted, “Let us leave the judgment to God. What is certain is that the Lord gave him the deserved glory.””

Journal of the Institute N. 4
“In 1923 I had a facial paralysis. I had had some injections which the Father wanted to see. After two days, he told me, “Make a novena to St. Eusebius and you will be healed.” So it was done. The priest concluded, “I had said you would be healed.””

Sister Caterina Rivan
“I do not remember the year. I believe it was around 1933. I was already professed and was in Laghi di Cittadella. I had a dream that really impressed me and I must tell it. One night, while sleeping, someone called me. I woke up and sat up in bed. I seemed to see our Father at the foot of the bed. He told me twice, “Firmness and Perseverance.” I asked “Why me?”, if I had always been obedient. For the third time, he said the same words and disappeared.

In truth, at that time I felt sharp pains in my heart and never shed so many tears. At the time the Early Sister died and the superior was in the hospital. So many things kept coming up and, in my heart, these words comforted me, “firmness and perseverance.”

Sister Gabriella Giussani
“In December 1935 I was in Sagliano. I contracted otitis media and inflammation in the mastoid. After a few days in bed, the doctor told me if the fever did not subside, I would be hospitalized. The fever had reached 40 degrees Celsius. I called the Holy Father all night. In the morning, the ear began to secrete, the fever subsided and I was healed without the need to operate.”

Sister Licinia Mauri
“Long ago I was concerned about the inability to help my brother who was orphaned and who longed to be religious. We, four sisters, were already religious. While I was in seminary, his letters became more frequent and afflicted. What could I do? 

On the night of March 6, 1935, in a dream, I saw the Father who watched with me a stormy sea. In the midst of the waves, a boat appeared. I cried, “Father, Father.” He was unmoved, “Rest assured that that boat will reach the beach.” I woke up between reality and fantasy, and understood the meaning of the dream. I grabbed a small image of the Father and sent to my brother, certain that there was an intercessor in heaven. Later my brother became religious.

Sister Flavia Fantinato
“Our Father loved everyone, the sick and his daughters, with great tenderness. It gave me strength, courage and peace. Even after death, I always felt him alive by my side. He always answered my requests.”

Sister Speranza Fantinato
“I had the good fortune to know our venerable Founder personally. I came to know him in another way. In 1934 I was assigned to assist at home. One day I was called to assist a 14-year-old girl, Daria Covini, who was affected by encephalitis lethargica. She had been hospitalized to no avail. The doctors had tried all the treatments. She was taken home to die near her parents. It was then that God wanted to reveal his glory through the venerable Father. 

The first night I was with her. She almost did not understand anything and did not express herself. She told me she was called Daria. I replied, “What a beautiful name. That's how our Father Founder was called. Let's make a novena together to him and the Lord will give you the grace of healing. I recite the prayers and you follow with the heart.” I then prayed three Our Father's, Hail Mary's and Glory Be.

There was no sign of improvement during the novena. We were all waiting for her to die.
On the ninth day, after the novena, around ten in the evening, she fell fast asleep. It seemed that it would be her time. I cannot say how surprised I was when, about three in the morning, she got up, sat up in bed and said, “I achieved grace. I'm healed.”

She got out of bed, walked around the room, sat down beside me and kept repeating, “I'm healed. The Lord gave me grace through the intercession of his Father.”

To ensure the healing she did not want to lie down for the rest of the night. She wanted to go wake up his parents, eager to see them. By 5, I knocked on their door. They asked right away, “Did Daria die? Why didn't you wake us up earlier?”

It was difficult for them to believe that Daria was healed through the intercession of our Father. She was walking all day and fed normally. It had been 21 days she did not take anything except a few tablespoons of milk. “

She was examined by doctors who ensured it was a miracle because in their science she should have died.

After that, in all my difficulties I have always turned to Father and I never was without an answer.”

Sister Bartolomea Falier
“In December 1929, I was struck by a rare and unexpected disease. The doctor took long to diagnose tubercular peritonitis. The disease progressed rapidly and I seemed to have come to an end. For two months I suffered severe pains in the stomach and had a high fever. I received all the available treatments, which somewhat relieved me and I began to believe.

In June 1931, I had a violent relapse. In suffering, my relief was prayer and I began a novena to our loving Father. Right on the first day I felt a noticeable improvement. Encouraged and full of faith, I continued the novena and when I finished it, I felt good. Grace had been reached. After a period of convalescence I could resume my activities.

Sixteen years have passed, and since then I have always been in good health. These are the facts that I declare to be accurate.”

Sister Giacomina Pierobon
“Suffering from pains in the bones, after a fall, I went through a battery of tests and x-rays and went to visit my family, from the July 16 to 24, 1997. On the 22nd I was called back to the community for more tests. The previous tests had shown a diffuse bone metastasis. The doctors wanted to hospitalize me and start chemotherapy right away.

I became afraid for I would still undergo a bone scintigraphy, but I was very confident and hopeful.

I wanted so hard to take part in the feast of St. Eusebius, our Patron. I postponed the hospitalization.

On August 5, the birthday of Father Founder, I was hospitalized. The previous days had been of agonizing expectation. I put myself under the protection of the Founders, especially Father Dario.

I prayed the prayer of abandonment, then let my heart speak, “Father, if you want me to continue to love the poor, help me, or make my suffering open the door to another young woman who follows Jesus in the poor. Help me, I'm afraid ...”

On the morning of August 5, before going into the hospital, I went to Mass at the Cathedral. I thought of the day when the Founder was ordained there. How many times he offered his sufferings there? I felt in communion with him and asked him to help me in my weakness.

On August 6, I had a nightmare during the scintigraphy. I closed my eyes and repeated the psalm, “I take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” The Father in his wheelchair came to my mind; I asked him for his help again, I was scared. Upon leaving the hospital, I should go back to August 18 to start chemotherapy.

Two days later, the doctors, armed with an accurate diagnosis, found in wonder that the scintigraphy did not show metastasis, which were present in radiographs.

I am convinced that the Father Founder came to my aid so that I can continue revealing, with acts of charity, the tenderness of God among the poor. “

Sister Maria Stefania Ferrario
Villaggio Concordia - August 15, 1997

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