Father Dario: In continuous prayer - Testimonials

Father Dário - Founder
Father Dario was very humble, gentle and understanding and the spirit of prayer was what supported him.

At night, while I was watching over the sick people, I would to the chapel to greet Jesus. He was there, on his knees, even in the earliest hours and he would tell me not to stop myself from going after him whenever I needed, and that he would always be in the chapel. In fact, it was always this way.

When he celebrated Mass he became like a saint, you could see on the outside how he lived the mystery of Christ's Sacrifice.
Sister Speranza Fantinato

The first impression I had of Father Darius was his great charity to the poor and the sisters, and his great spirit of prayer. When we watched over the sick people at night we saw his lamp lit almost all night long. It was the sign that he was praying.

When I was at the entrance hall, I would call him to receive some new patient, some elderly or even children, who would sometimes be so filthy one would get nauseated, and the Father would hug them and say they were the "house owners" and "pupil of his eyes."

Once, walking along the road, something terrible had happened and the Father took off his coat and began to help, as if he were an ordinary man.
He was especially tender with the sick Sisters. He would tell us that the poor things already had to suffer so much that one should not cause them any more suffering, and yes, please them whenever possible.

You cannot describe his spirit of prayer. He celebrated the Mass with such passion that even when it lasted two hours, no one would get tired. When he distributed the Communion to the Sisters, it sometimes seemed that there would not be enough particles. After Mass, I asked him: "Father, how could you give Communion to all?" He replied with a smile.

Sister N.N.

I was in the early years of religious life. One day, Father Darius called me and said: "I have to give you a very special task. Do you think you can accept? “I replied: "Yes, Father, if you think I am able." He said: "I want you to spend the night taking care of a man from Vercelli, and I tell you right now that he is the worst womanizer in town. You will take care of him without speaking a word of religion. You have to defeat him with charity. I will help with prayer."

Every night I went to him for blessings, and before I left he would say: "Don’t be afraid, I am watching over with you. You will see that God will win! “In fact, he spent the entire night in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Every morning I would find him at the entrance waiting for me to ask: "So, how was it?"  Then, one night, the patient suddenly turned to me, ironic and disturbed and asked: "Why don’t you tell me about your God?" I said I thought he was very tired. But the next night we could talk about it. Actually, I wanted to have time to ask some advice for the Father. The next night the priest prayed with even greater faith and passion.

In the morning he found me at the door, eager to learn and me, even more anxious to tell him: "Father, God won! We didn’t just talk about God, but he expressed a desire to confess and make communion among the surprise, wonder and excitement of his entire family. "

The Father wept with joy with me.

Sister Onorata Tessarolo

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