Father Dario: Man of Providence - Testimonials

Padre Dário - Fundador

"I was a nine-year-old girl. Father Darius was climbing the stair that leads to the Institute’s courtyard and I was walking beside him. He was called by Sister Antoinette Gabogna, who was coming out of the sick women’s room, where she used to work. She said: `Father, it is four in the afternoon, it's time to eat. I went to the kitchen to get some bread, but the cook said that today there is no bread '.

The Father wondered, almost praying. The Sister was silent. I looked at both. I still keep the words exactly as they came out of the Father’s mouth: `Sister Antoinette, the girls cannot go without food. Have faith in the Divine Providence. Go to the school locker (that's how they called the women’s room), where the dishes are kept, look at the basket and you will find bread to distribute '. The Sister obeyed, and I, smart and cunning, followed her. The Sister found the bread to give out; sent by whom? By the Divine Providence. I have never doubted this fact and it affected me forever. "

Sister Dária Arrigoni

One day I asked the Father for grocery money and said: "Father, how can you provide the necessary every day if we do not have any income?" He replied: "To be honest, I must tell you that I go to bed at night without a penny and in the morning, after the Mass, I go to my office and, without thinking, I pick up the money for the expenses and I thank the Providence, because our 'home owners' had prayed. "Thank God!"
Sister Natalina Garanzini

In the early years, I would buy things for the house every day and paid for the expenses. One day the Father told me: "Sister Natalina, today I'm broke, I can not afford bread: tell the lady that I will pay tomorrow." I went there and told the lady I would pay the next day. Not even thirty minutes went by and the lady came to say that she would not provide bread for us. So the Father smiled and replied: "Thank God! Providence will take care of it. “And he returned to his office. Soon after he was called at the door. A benefactor was bringing a good amount of money. The Father thanked him and said: "Thank God. God bless you! “And immediately bought the bread for the day. As soon as she received the money, the lady came in a haste to apologize, saying it was all a misunderstanding. Father thanked her and dismissed her.
Sister Natalina Garanzini


We used to see the priest sitting in the middle of his "pearls," as he called them. He used to tell his happy stories and then he distributed mint lozenges. He said he could not buy candies because they were more expensive and he had not so much money.

His kindness had exceeded the limits of the Institute. Several times I was able to join him at the fair in search of fruits and vegetables for his assisted ones. The Father did not have to ask. The merchants would soon offer him their products in exchange for prayers.

Sister Catarina Rivan


At the time I was a pupil, in 1920, the novitiate hall was being built. One day I asked the Father: "Father, how will you be able to pay for all the expenses?" He replied: "My dear girl, you're right in thinking that the cost is high, but Providence is great and, there is more, you know, I am going there (pointing to the tabernacle door) and knock ... you will see ... He can it all ... and so, we will pay for the expenses! "

Sister Alfonsina Bottarino

When I was in Cadegliano, the Father came to visit us and stayed for a few days. The house was new and we did not have many things. He said: "Of course you have money!" We went to get clothes in a closet and there we found money, I do not remember how much.
Sister Licinia Mauri

The Lord often uses the humble creatures to accomplish great things. Our Founding Father was humble in all his manifestations. He faced many difficulties, even from friends, that tried to discourage him to continue his work. He never lost his temper and patience, and he would say: "If they are roses, they will bloom." Those who reminded him of the economic difficulties, he answered: "It’s not me who takes care of the poor, but it is God and He will keep the house even if it becomes as big as a city." How confident our Founding Father was and how much faith in the Divine Providence!

Sister Anna Favini

It was the foundation’s 25th anniversary celebration. The Father had plans to build a church because the one they had was too small. I told him: "How shall we build a church being so poor?" He replied: "If this is God’s will, and if we trust his Providence, with the daily prayer and sacrifice, the Lord will certainly sustain us in our poverty." So it happened, and the church was built with the contributions from many generous people.
Sister Speranza Fantinato

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