Guaratinguetá: 25 years of history

When the Sisters arrived in Guaratinguetá (SP) in June 1985, they placed the Blessed Sacrament under a tent there in the little chapel of the community in Bairro São Manoel. This should be the sense of the presence of the Sisters in the crowd: the presence of the Emmanuel who  puts his tent among his people. Presence that shares the life of the people, that listens, that welcomes, that serves.

Listening to the God who speaks in his Word and in fact, the sisters heard the cry of the poor and needy who daily knocked at the door asking for help. So, they welcomed families, mothers, children, the sick, experiencing charity through concrete services as day care, health center, home for mothers and children, always open to new challenges and collaborating with the civil community.

The Gospel must be proclaimed in word and acts of charity, just as Father Dario and Mother Eusebia conveyed to the Sisters the tenderness of God's love towards the small and forsaken.

Days, months, years passed... In 2010, celebrating the 25 years of presence among the poor, we celebrated God's faithfulness, his Providence and his love for all his children.

Take care of the poor
They are the apple of God's eyes!

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