Lay Fraternity

As Daughters of St. Eusebius, in light of the legacy of our Founders and the post-conciliar ecclesial sensitivity, we feel called to contribute in building a Church in which all members, although differently, participate in the common vocation to holiness.

We want to offer the richness of our charism of charity to the laity who wishes to bring to maturity their baptism and embody their faith in the joyful service to the poor, feeding on the spirituality of our humble Founders.

To this end the Congregation promotes the “Lay Fraternity St Eusebius”. It is born of the Church and for the Church, animated by charity. It is inspired by the spirituality of the incarnation, recognizing the face of Christ in today's man, somehow suffering, and makes itself available for any work of mercy. It unites the members associated with the Institute of which they are part.

The Association aims to promote and encourage the life and mission of the laity in the Church, in which they undertake to:

Discover the grandeur of the Christian vocation in the mystery of the ecclesial communion;

- Reach, in the love of Jesus, the Good Samaritan, the vitality for a dedication to the needy and suffering;

- Exercise in prayer to grow in friendship with God, in the light of the Word and the Eucharist, to become bread broken for others;

- Be a sign of “small churches” and living members in the animation of the Christian communities;

Live a lifestyle that is simple, joyful and of work, collaborating in building a fair and caring society.

“... This walk is helping me a lot, when I stop to think how much Jesus loves us; He is the flame of our whole life, that's why in him I find strength to overcome all the barriers that come in my life ...” (Marluci).

”... Our experience of laymen and laywomen of the Fraternity Saint Eusebius transformed our lives ... we were people without reference, but we sought and felt the need to live in a community.... Everything we do makes me happy... The more we serve the needy, the more we feel the desire to continue the walk... With the experience of the Word and prayer we feel the joy of giving without receiving...” (A group of laity).

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