Maria: Our Lady of Consolata

The devotion to Our Lady Consolata, whose most famous sanctuary is located in Torino (northern Italy), began in the fourth century.

According to a tradition based on solid foundations, the picture of Our Lady Consolata was brought from Palestine by St. Eusebius, Bishop of Vercelli, who donated it to Saint Maximus, member  of the Eusebian Monastery, and future Bishop of Turin.

St. Maximus in turn, in the year 440, exposed the picture to the veneration of the faithful of Turin, in a little altar erected inside the Church of the Apostle St. Andrew.

Contemplating the image of Consolata, we see Our Lady sweetly reclining her head to Jesus. Symbol of this gesture: She directs her thoughts to the source and cause of all her greatness: her divine son!

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