Maria: Our Lady of Oropa

St. Eusebius, in his pastoral and evangelization work of the Celtic peoples of pagan tradition, took the Gospel to the region of Biella eradicating the remnants of paganism from there. It is also true that the same saint was the first to introduce the worship of the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, in that region and in the nearby mountains.

In the hills of Oropa existed a center of pagan cult in a natural cave; there the colonists and shepherds worshiped their deities. This cult was replaced by devotion to Mary, Mother of God, and St. Eusebius was considered the founder of the Marian sanctuary.

Eusebius wanted to establish on those hills a center of Christian worship. He built a home for his Cenobites, who were both anchorites and apostles providing assistance to travelers passing by the road leading to the valley.

Also in Oropa, so many generations strengthened their faith at the feet of the Virgin Mary. The faith that Eusebius implanted there grew, gave strength to live, to fight, to restart, under the gaze of the Virgin Mary.

The Daughters of St. Eusebius, sensitized by the Founders Father Dario and Mother Eusebia, always nourished a filial devotion to Mary and always made pilgrimages to these sanctuaries to drink the authentic faith of Eusebius and renew the commitment of service to the poor.

Sanctuary of Oropa - Italy

Grotto of Our Lady of Oropa in Guaratinguetá-SP - Brazil

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