Maria: Virgin of the Hill - Crea and Oropa

Virgin of the hill: Crea and Oropa

Tradition points St Eusebius, the first Bishop of Vercelli, as founder of the Marian Shrines of Crea and Oropa. He would have brought from the exile the images of the Virgin Mary to the hills of Crea, Oropa and the city of Cagliari, his homeland.

Fleeing persecution of the Arians, St. Eusebius arrived at the castle of Crea and stayed there three months, building an oratory in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

Staying a little longer, he translated the four Gospels from Greek into Latin,work  that greatly served the monastery and the evangelization of the communities in the villages and fields.

The Shrine of Crea is still today the center of Marian devotion of the Diocese of Casale. On the ancient road leading to Crea is a chapel called “The Rest of St Eusebius”; tradition wants to remember the rest and sleep of the saint when he took the statue of the Virgin to Crea.

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