Marian Profile in the Church

Jesus founds the Church on three pillars:
1. The Word makes us new men, because the Word converts us;
2. The Sacraments performs in unity with Jesus Christ;
3. The Ministry: Jesus guides us with his gifts.
These pillars form the rock, the PETRINE PRINCIPLE.
The Church is fully realized only if in us they find a welcome and a response: this is the MARIAN PRINCIPLE. Without the “yes” of Mary there would be no Church.

What do the welcome and the response of Mary consist of?

1) Her “FIAT” at the Annunciation:
Mary lets the Word become incarnate in her.
We too are called to say our personal “yes” to Mary. This is for all the baptized; all are called to holiness. How? Living the Word, the word is given to us as a gift, but it's up to me to live the Word in life, this is the Marian principle. It's up to me to be Mary.
Also the sacraments (Petrine principle) are given as gifts; but for example, I should be Eucharist to others. Mary is the first tabernacle, but Jesus does not want to stay closed, he should be donated.
Mary gave her smart “yes”: she adhered to God's will.
Mary's reply stretches in history in our “yes”!

2) Your “Fiat” at the foot of the cross:
It is not enough to open up to the act of God, one needs to open up to others.
The first “yes” is the yes of faith, the second “yes” is the yes of charity in its ecclesial dilation, which embraces all. At the foot of the cross Jesus is replaced by John. Mary opens herself unreservedly to others, to us, to all humanity. This is to be experienced by the whole Church, it is radical openness to others. To enter the logic of giving life; Mary's example as a disciple: to create the experience of conceiving Jesus in others, through mutual love: “Love one another ...” By loving, we conceive Jesus! Jesus in our midst! Mary dies to Jesus on the cross and conceives Jesus in others (John).
To have Mary as a model, to give birth to the Church in mutual love, that is to give life to others, to evoke the experience of God in others.
The Church is Christ existing as a community: Mary had to lose Jesus to meet him again as a community.
Consecrated life is being Mary in charity; giving life in the community; the Church is mutual love.
Mary and John, under the cross, form the first cell of the Church.
The one who loves the most is worth the most!

Each of us has their own personal way with God, but has the “Via Mariae”!
This is the update of the gospel:

1) The Annunciation: each of us had an annunciation in our lives; it is important to go back to these moments of calling. There is also an annunciation for a call to live the communion, to live the way of love, unity, to live mutual love 24 hours a day. In life we have many moments of annunciation. (LC1 0.26 to 38)

2) The Visitation: Mary in the Magnificat sings her experience of God. The Magnificat is God's work in her life, she understands the meaning, the golden thread with which God leads her life. Reread life and see how we are builders of communion. We learn from Mary to thank and tell the wonders that God works in our lives. (LC1 0.39 to 56)

3) The Birth of Jesus: by living love we perceive the grace to establish the presence of Jesus in our midst. By loving we make Jesus present in our midst! (Lc2 0.1 to 7)

4) The flight into Egypt: the need to protect infant Jesus. There will always be obstacles, people who do not understand us, who mock us... to strengthen the presence of Jesus in us is to preserve the freedom within us. (MT2 0.13 to 18)

5) Mary presents Jesus to the elderly Simeon: this is also an announcement for Maria: a sword will pierce your soul! After the encounter with Christ, he almost always gets to the cross: Jesus crucified, forsaken and risen is the path to communion. With Mary, let us consecrate ourselves to Jesus as a living person to be followed. In each division, difficulty ... He is there! He is the husband of the soul! (Lc2 ,22-35)

6) Mary loses Jesus, who remains in the temple among the doctors: at first we feel ardor, enthusiasm ... but after a while God withdraws His graces, she seems to have lost God. Why did you do that? Everything God gives us are gifts, now unto you is given the possibility that you can always love, without help, without support ... this is to dig in you love genuine, sincere, so as not to confuse the gifts of God with God himself. He then comes back again! Everyone can help us rediscover Jesus! (Lc2 0.41 to 50)

7) Life hidden in Nazareth: after Trinity, the unity between Mary and Jesus is the most perfect: it is a mirror for our unity, for our intimacy with Jesus. (Lc2 0.51 to 52)

8) Mary follows Jesus in public life: Jesus heals, announces, operates. To be with Jesus in building the church. Jesus is present and forms in us small churches, healing the sick. To build trinitarian cells: communion helps me understand better what Jesus tells me.

9) Mary at the foot of the cross: Maria loses Jesus being replaced by us. She loses Jesus to fulfill the will of God and build us as children; she loses Jesus who is replaced by each of us; she fulfills a new will of God: take John as a son. Together with John Mary became the first cell of the Church where Jesus is present. Jesus lives the abandonment of the Father, Mary lives the abandonment of the Son. Let us walk with one hand on Jesus crucified and the other on Mary. (Jo19, 25-27)

10) Mary in the Cenacle: Mary is the Queen of the Apostles: She is the new universal motherhood! (Acts 2, 1-2)

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