Mother Eusebia: A forgiving woman - Testimonials

Mother Eusébia - Founder
"Don Valfré from Bonzo came to Vercelli on July 22, 1905. He arrived full of enthusiasm to do the best for the flock that the Divine Providence had entrusted him to.

Unfortunately, someone malicious undermined his spirit with criticism to all the members of our House, simply because they did not like us. All this was done by the holy will of God.

The trials began. Both I and Father Darius accepted the trials that the Lord sent us. With lively faith we put ourselves into the arms of Jesus and Mary, our sweetest mother, and our father Saint Eusebius. They were the only ones who could guide us along the path of pain and sacrifice.

...Oh Jesus, only you are my light, my livelihood and comfort, and to you I trust all my thoughts, words and actions. Do for me what I cannot do. You see my heart, my mind and my sorrows and all my affections. Destroy in me everything that is not according to your divine will.

At the end of 1907, Don Valfré sent us two letters: one was addressed to Father Darius Bognetti and the other to Mother Eusebia Arrigoni. The letters read: Father Darius should leave the house and celebrate at the Church of Saint Julian and the Mother was forbidden to operate the chapel. The next day he sent a priest to give us communion and consume all the holy particles and we, the Daughters of Saint Eusebius, were really sorry.

We spent three years without Blessed Sacrament in our chapel. What could we say of such pain? We did not have our only comfort. Oh, my Jesus, this was the most painful affliction. Seeing our poor patients deprived of the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament was still more painful.

We, like the daughters of Zion, looked for Jesus, but our poor patients could not do it, because they were not able to.

One day I went, along with Sister Giovanna, to ask the Archbishop for license to celebrate, at our Patron’s party, Saint Eusebius. I claimed that our poor patients had not been attending Mass for a long time, because they could not get around. The Archbishop sent us to the Vicar General. We repeated the request. Sternly, he made us sit and went to the Archbishop. When he returned, he treated us even more sharply and said: "If you want, invite some of these priests," and pointed to a picture with a photograph of several priests.

Without having understood what he meant by that, I asked if your Excellency had said yes or no. Before leaving the archbishopric, we asked for his blessing, putting everything in Saint Eusebius’ hands.

Then I spoke with the Archbishop, who said: "Why should I be ungrateful to those who did me good? You did me good. “I was silent and he continued: "Look, I do not know how it all happened. I think there were misunderstandings ".

Mother Eusebia Arrigoni - Founder
Autobiographical Notes
"My daughters always love and forgive regardless the offense. The Father and I always forgive and we never stop to collect the stones that have been tossed.
The Father repeated: "Rejoice and do good and let the birds sing." Forgive and do not hold grudges in your hearts. Be wise as serpents and simple as doves. "

Mother Eusebia on her deathbed
"Once, a person who had made the founders suffer deeply came to Camburzano to rest. The Mother told us: "I is true, he made both the Father and I suffer. Even so, treat her with love. ""
Sister Licinia Mauri

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