Mother Eusebia: How she continues to live and act - Testimonials

Mother Eusébia - Founder
“I, the undersigned, mother of twelve children, five of them living, could not breastfeed due to lack of milk. In the eleventh pregnancy, I had the opportunity to meet the unforgettable Mother Eusebia, along with my dear sister, Sister Oliveta. I confided to her my sorrow for expecting a child and not being able to feed it.

The good Mother encouraged me and prayed. She asked me to say three Hail Mary with the invocation “Mater Divinae Gratiae”. I undertook to do so. Thanks to the holy Mother, the baby was born on December 25, 1925 and was named Natalino. He was breastfed by me, is strong and was saved from the war. A kiss to Virgin Mary Mother who gave me Mother.”

Emilia Sgubin
Ferrara, 09.25.48 - Via Mazzini 101
“In early July 1937, Mother Eusebia was in Andora, and one night we were talking about different things and said that my father, 48, did not attend the sacraments anymore. Mother said, “Let us pray. You will then visit your family, trying to stir the consciousness of your father.” I went to the Mother House for the retreat. When finished, Mother told me, “Daughter, go to your house for two days and convince your father to take communion.” I was afraid because I knew my father's indifference, but Mother said, “Do not be afraid. Your father will be happy. Jesus told me that and I accompany you with prayer.”

A little scared, but confident in the words of Mother, I traveled while invoking the Holy Spirit. When I arrived, I had a private talk with my dad. He was reluctant, but eventually agreed. “Yes, I'm going with you.”

On the morning of August 4 I had the pleasure to accompany him to the confessor and receive Jesus in the Sacrament. He thanked Jesus and instructed me to thank the Mother. “

Sister Giacinta Ruffino
“On March 18, 1942, after an accident while going to Mass in Varese, I had a head injury. In that painful condition I called upon the help of Mother Founder and wore a shirt that I had received as a souvenir. Soon I was healed.”

Sister Licinia Mauri
“On January 17, 1943, at the clinic of Dr. Baldassarre, Udine, I gave birth to a premature child, who was born nearly asphyxiated. It was a miracle that the boy regained consciousness one hour after the obstetrician had done to his body everything that science had available. The following day, the body of my Roberto was hard and I became desperate. I did not know who to turn to prayer when the sisters advised me to invoke Mother Eusebia. We placed a lock of hair and a picture of Mother on the baby's body and prayed with all fervor. After a few days the doctor declared him out of danger. He is still fine, and we always remember Mother Eusebia.”

Ester Ariotta
“I want to bear witness to a divine aid through the intercession of the Venerable Mother Eusebia, which can be defined as grace by the way it happened.
On July 23, 1944 I was arrested in Vercelli by GNR and handed over to the black brigades. The charges against me were very serious and were liable to death penalty: desertion, armed communist conspiracy, aiding the enemy.

I was taken to the court prison in Vercelli and remained there for two months.

During that time I got married to Lidia Barone at the chapel of the prison. In that room of hatred and pain, the rite of love was celebrated, illuminated by the flame of faith.

On September 25, I was taken to the new prison of Turin. In this horrible prison I had a vision of death continually under the eyes. I never lost faith in the divine Mother of Jesus. So, as I realized the seriousness of my situation, that even the lawyers found despairing, I communicated it to my wife in Vercelli. She, who was accustomed to pray, was advised to make a novena to Mother Founder of the Institute of St. Eusebius so that she, more dignified, interceded with the Virgin of the Rosary the grace of liberation.

On October 11, 1944 the case was tried and, to the general astonishment, I was acquitted and returned home. It was the feast of the Virgin Mary and the last day of the novena through the intercession of Mother Eusebia. The night before the trial, the small Enza, a student of the Institute of St. Eusebius, had a significant dream, whose description is attached.

Enza's Dream:
“On the night of October 19 I dreamed that my father had painted a pretty picture for Mother Eusebia. As soon as I saw it, Mother said, “What a lovely picture!” However, Sister Darya came and asked who had painted the picture. Mother answered, “It was the father of the student Enza Mazzoleni.” Sister Daria took us to the room. It was very pretty, all painted blue. On top there was red velvet and each chair had a bunch of golden flowers. When entering, we saw Father Dario sitting in a velvet chair adorned with golden flowers. Mother Eusebia told him, “Father, look at the beautiful picture I was given.” The priest repeated, “It's very beautiful.” He got up, came to meet us and made us sit.

I told the dream because my mother had told me that Dad's trial would be on October 11. On the 4th, I began the novena through the intercession of Mother.” (Enza Mazzoleni - October 10, 1944)

I wrote this as testimony to the grace received, with a soul full of gratitude and trust in the helped heavenly Mother.”

Oreste Prina
“I had met Mother Eusebia many years ago and have always had high regard for her because, since the first time I saw her, I felt I was seeing a saint.

In early February 1940 I was very sick. I had high fever and generalized weakness after giving birth to a girl. The doctor said that I and the baby had a very remote chance of surviving. I myself had lost all hope and said to my husband to take care of the children. My sister-in-law, Ida Birtic, who knew Mother, recommended that I kept some object of hers close to me and that I invoked her. I began to pray to the late Mother that at least the baby was saved. My sister Irma put the earrings that I had won from Mother years ago in my ears.

One afternoon when I was alone to rest, the door opened and I saw Mother coming in, smiling. She said, “Courage, Giovanna! You'll be fine.” She also spoke of the child, caressed her with a smile and disappeared!

I still had not recovered from the shock and delight when my sister-in-law Ida came in and, seeing me smile, asked why. I told her what had happened. She called the family members and I had to recount all over again. From that day on I recovered and so did the girl.

I have every conviction that the apparition of the Mother was not a hallucination and that my healing must be attributed to the prayers of Mother Eusebia.
In faith and, as an act of gratitude, I undersign.

Giovanna Sgubin Raccaro
Lasiz of Pulfero (Udine) - March 10, 1949

“On January 7, 1960 I gave birth to a baby girl weighing 3.3 kg. The delivery was fine, but then the sister realized that the baby threw up everything she ate. In 48 hours she had lost a considerable amount of weight. She was taken to pediatrics, was given barium and, by X-Ray, an obstruction was noticed in the stomach. Only surgery would solve the problem, which was risky because of the weakness of the child who was already on oxygen. My husband and I were in despair. Sister Rodolfa gave me the image of the Founder and asked me to pray with confidence. I and my ward mates set out to pray. After 12 hours, we called to find out and they answered that the stomach had mysteriously unblocked. After the child had been there for 60 hours, she began to digest normally.

I cannot thank the Lord and the Blessed Mother enough for the grace that I reached.”

Amalia Cristofoli D´Agostino – Udine

“Three days ago I was in bed with horrible pains in the stomach. The doctor diagnosed it as an intestinal colic. On the fourth day, the pain had become unbearable, I called another doctor who immediately admitted me with this diagnosis: advanced peritonitis appendicitis.

I was immediately operated on with a 40-degree fever. The operation went well, but I learned later that the doctor feared for my survival because the infection had become widespread and reached vital organs.

On the fourth day, my situation was severe; I had azotemia and liver toxicity that would cause a blockage in the kidneys. The doctors had prepared my parents to accept my death.

On that day Mother General, Sister Daria Arrigoni, whom I know personally, sent the nurse sister to bring me the rosary that belonged to Mother Founder. I kissed it and prayed intensely for that religious person who had been so exemplary all her life to intercede for me before our Lord. That night I could rest and improved so much that the doctors were amazed. A week after I left the hospital fully recovered.”

Renato Bosio, 27 years old - Vercelli 07/06/1968

“Mother General came to Camburzano to announce the closing of the House. What a disappointment for us all. My heart trembled; as I was going to work I went to Mother Founder, whom I knew very well. I told her, “Dear Mother, I expected to die here. However, we must go.” I began to pray the rosary without taking my eyes off the image of the Mother. After a few days, I had a dream. I saw the face of Mother Eusebia come in and shouted, “Oh, Mother.” She walked fast, smiled, and said, “Rest assured, rest assured.” I was taken by a great peace. I continued to pray that the Lord help the superiors to do the holy will of God.”

Sister Fiorina Trent - 1996

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