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Mother Eusébia - Founder

"One day in 1908, a poor woman from Stroppiana Vercellese showed up, mother of seven children. The youngest one was hydrocephalus. She did not have means of taking care of the boy and begged us to accept him. At that time there was no vacancy. We told her to have a bit of patience and she returned home.

On the same, Sister Novella returned from Biella. As soon as she arrived, she went to bed. She had the temperature of 39. We called Dr. Prestinari. He examined her and said he could not diagnose. We understood that the state's sister was serious. He advised us not to leave her alone and to have some ice. We were all upset.

The next day the doctor came back and declared: "Unfortunately, the sister has a sarcoma in the mouth and cannot be operated. She would die soon." He told us to tell the relatives because she would not make it through that they, or the next.
So I said, exclaiming: "Couldn’t the Virgin Mary perform a miracle?" The doctor said he would be happy if this were to happen. And he left.

While I was talking to the sisters about calling relatives, the porters came to say that the woman with the hydrocephalus child was back.

I said to myself: "I will test Virgin Mary." I went down and went to the statue of the Virgin and said, "My heavenly Mother, you know how much pain and sorrow I have in my poor heart. Yes, it is true that I deserve nothing, but you said that anything I asked, you would listen! "

I went to the door, continuing to pray: "My Mother in heaven, thou shall give me the grace to heal Sister Novella because she must care for the sick girl. I beg you, you must cure her. "

It seemed to me that the Virgin had said yes and I went to the gate. At the same time I took the child in my arms, Sister Novella began to sing: "I'm cured."

Everybody went there. "I'm cured. Virgin Mary cured me. “Sister Novella repeated. The sisters happily came to the door, saying: "Mother, you worry no more, Sister Novella is cured."

She knew nothing about me. With the girl in my arms I went up to the image of the Virgin to thank for the miracle. Thus, the sister can take care of the girl and so many other patients. "

Mother Eusebia - Founder
Autobiographical notes

"During the novitiate, Sister Esterina Riva became ill and the doctor advised to send her to her parent’s house. There was no hope of cure because she was suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. Once the Mother knew it she came to the sick daughter. The poor girl melted into tears. Mother took the crucifix, touched the head of the novice with it and prayed: "Courage, my daughter, you will be cured and you will work a lot at the Congregation." This is what happened to the doctor’s surprise,"

Sister Maria Proserpio

"Mother had a heroic humility and in the midst of so many setbacks she never fell down. She always relied on God and his Providence. She threw that little seed and cultivated it with her sweat and sacrifice, making it grow one hundred percent. "

Sister Beatrice Mazzarelli

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