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Mother Eusebia - Founder

"For several years, those who returned from jail were welcomed in the House and we gave them what they needed. They received help to return to society and to recover. Many of them were able to reintegrate into society, raise a family and lead an honest life. They were always grateful and respectful to the Pious House. We can say many good things about them. "

Mother Eusebia - Founder
Autobiographical notes

"In 1913, the Archbishop Valfré, from Bonzo, asked us to take in the Canon John the Baptist Baltera and he wanted me to take care of his recovery. I was surprised with that request and said: "Sir, if the Lord believes I can be useful, I'm ready and I will do my best." The Archbishop explained that the Canon had already been to several doctors, with no improvement in his health. The poor Canon suffered from neurasthenia, did not speak to anyone anymore, he did not eat or sleep. In the early days I left him alone, asking him to eat. In the beginning, I fed him like a baby. Then he started to eat by himself. With some baths, good food and some occupation, he was cured in two months. He devoted himself to animate the month dedicated to Jesus’ Heart, and returned thanking the House of Saint Eusebius. "

Mother Eusebia - Founder
Autobiographical notes


"During the war, from 1920 to 1916, we received women who were coming from all over Italy, visiting their injured children that had been admitted to the hospital of Vercelli. There, in the House, they found spiritual and moral comfort. During that difficult time, many military chaplains from Vercelli and other dioceses and soldiers found hospitality among us.

During the war, Don Pasté came to our house and asked us to prepare breakfast for 800 soldiers who had celebrated the Easter. So we did. When those young soldiers felt so welcomed, they did not know how to thank. They understood all the work that we had been through to prepare that meal. One said: "Why did you not call us for help?" Several times during the war, D. Pasté invited the soldiers to have a meal in the House of Saint Eusebius to teach them about good things.
We gave shelter to refugees, men and women, mutilated and in need. After the war, some of them ended up returning to their homeland, some died, some ended up staying.

Everyone who passed by were very satisfied and this is God's work. They claimed to have found rest for the soul and body. At end of the war all of us sang the "Te Deum" to thank the Lord. "

Madre Eusebia – Fundadora
Notas autobiográficas
"Upon my arrival in May 1927, I was fortunate to travel from Padua to Vercelli with the Mother, accompanied by her secretary. On the train there was a poor woman with a boy. The poor child was crying and the mother could not calm him down. The Mother stood up, took a travel pillow and made the mother accommodate the boy well. He soon fell asleep. When we arrived at the House of Saint Eusebius, she said: "Here we are in the house where the Lord called you. Here you will be able to multiply the merits in the exercise of virtue ... In the poor you will see Jesus. Serve them as best as you can. ""
Sister Clelia Cecchinato

"The Mother knew that our financial situation was not good. She gave us food for the seminar, cloth for the robes and money. She did it with such spirit that made us astonished:” Look, if I give one hundred, Jesus gives us two hundred." She was unique in her charity.

I admired her great spirit of humility, especially in the hard trials that were to come, arising from misunderstandings, even from reasonable people. All she would say, under these circumstances was, "Patience," which she repeated in her dialect, and concluded: "Be done God’s will." "

Father Primo Sodini


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