Mother Eusebia: Woman who loved the truth - Testimonials

Mother Eusebia - Founder

"God called the Father and me to perform this task. We were both insignificant, but we never bothered with what was said about us. In joy and in pain we always carry out God’s will... God’s in everything and always! "

Mother Eusebia's deathbed

"During the years of trials I would always ask the Lord to allow me to express with words what I had in my heart. This for love for truth. "

Mother Eusebia's deathbed
"I want to be before the people who I am before God, who is to judge me. Daughters, I want you to be sincere, loyal, true, in a word, transparent. If it is yes, it is yes, if it is no, it is no, because the truth is the most beautiful of virtues.
Even truth needs to be calibrated by the charity.

Always follow the path of truth and reject any duplicity. "

Mother Eusebia's deathbed

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