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Madre Eusébia - Fundadora
"A few days after our arrival in Vercelli, a young woman’s mother named Frances Serazzi came to us, asked us to take her daughter in our tiny house. We had only two small rooms. Our hearts were touched with that request. The young woman, paralyzed, was welcomed by us and she exulted with joy. The poor thing was full of wounds and needed a lot of charity. But she never complained of her illness. She thanked and praised the Lord for the love she received. She expressed her appreciation and showed all the desires of her heart. She said she joy in Saint Eusebiu’s house. She lived with us for two years. She died blessing and saying that, from heaven, she would help us. "
Mother Eusebia Arrigoni - Founder
Autobiographical notes

"In the early years of the foundation we did not have Mass on Sundays at home. We had to go to other churches in the city. We and the patients would go to the church where Father Darius celebrated Mass. He was the chaplain at Bigliemme.

In the morning, each one of us, including Father Darius, took a sick patient along. Some had to be carried and we rejoiced to make this sacrifice to Jesus. "

Mother Eusebia Arrigoni- FounderAutobiographical notes

"One day a mother came to us to recommend her son. She was crying because, being old, she could no longer care for him. The guy was 30 years old and could not leave his bed. His mother loved him very much and separating them hurt our hurts. We ended up accepting him. The boy had his face so deformed that he did not look like a human being. He had to be fed with a funnel. We used to fight over the opportunity to serving him in charity. He did not speak, but showed his appreciation with a smile. "

Mother Eusebia Arrigoni- FounderAutobiographical notes

"My daughters, whatever you do, do it for God's sake. Remember that, everything you do for the ones in sorrow, Jesus will consider as done for him. Even one cup of water given in his name, will be rewarded. Always remember that ... “

Mother Eusebia, on her deathbed
"My name is Teresa Raviglione and I am 78 years old. I was born in Vercelli and my father had a vegetable garden. I close my tired eyes and I see a 10-year-old girl. I am full of desire to live and to help others. It was at this time I met Mother Eusebia. My father used to go to the market to sell vegetables. Early in the morning he loaded the car with baskets of fresh vegetables and I hoped that he could not sell everything and a little would be left over for me to take to Mother Eusebia. At that time she had great difficulty in feeding the poor without the sacrifice and love of the people of Vercelli.

By 7:30 am, when my father had already been in the market for three hours, I would go there. When I arrived, I looked at what was left and asked Dad if I could tell the Mother that she could come to pick vegetables. Once I had the permission, which was never denied to me, I would run to tell the Mother. I usually found her in the kitchen among the stoves, without being tired, always smiling and ready to say sweet words to her poor.

As soon as she would see me, she smiled and asked in Milanese dialect: "You're here, girl?" After I had told what was left, she gave me hot coffee with milk.
I, seeing those poor people around, left the coffee aside and offered to peel potatoes or sweep. Mother Eusebia would look at me and make me feel the happiest girl in the world.

Teresa Raviglione

"One day in the cafeteria, the venerable Mother, after having reprehended a sister who had treated a patient unkindly, gave us a lecture on charity. I saw her with open arms like Jesus on the cross, and she was saying: "Daughters, if the temptation to slap a poor patient comes, do not do it, slap me because they are the apple of God's eyes." She cried when she said those words. "

Sister Elia Cazzaniga
"The Holy Mother advised us to love the poor very much, especially the disabled. One day, I saw her talking to a man and telling him: "Bring him soon." The man replied: "Mother, I knocked on so many doors, and I heard refusal from them all. I was expecting the same here. “Mother said: "You offend me, sir, they are my treasures." I was far from considering that little child a treasure. Humanly, it was a monster. He had a 5-pound head and a 1-pound body. When the night came, the Mother gathered us to recommend this poor child, her treasure. We looked at each other with sadness. She sensed immediately. She took the poor child and gave him a pacifier to show how we should treat him. We were scared. She was full of love and faith. It was beautiful to see her. She said: "Daughters, do it willingly and nothing happens. God is with us. “And so we did, and nothing ever happened.
A year later, the boy caught bronchitis. The Mother took care of him to calm down the others. For a long time she had him in her room. One day he recovered. Very happy, the Mother said, "Look, my daughters, my treasure is cured!"

Sister Brigida Bertacchi
"Dear Mother had a big heart opened to all, especially to the poor. She took care of the most disgusting patients, for she feared we would not treat them right. Always strong, but cheerful and generous, she did it all for everyone. "
Sister Beatrice Mazzarelli
"Abandoned by my mother as a child, I was taken to Saint Eusebius Institute. I remember Dear Mother was like a mother for us, poor abandoned little children. She would do everything to cheer us and gave us candy. She had a great charity. The Lord said: "If you give a glass of water to a poor for my sake, you will gain heaven." She gave us much more than a glass of water!”

Teresina Tanghetti

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