Our charisma today

Our charity charisma is a mustard seed that, in the wake of the Church today, through us, has the ability to develop, deepen and grow.
We return to our roots, looking for new aspects of the gift that Father Darius and Mother Eusebia received in their original inspiration.

Father Dario became a living Eucharist, a priest of charity. He sought "only God" and was all compassion for the suffering and abandoned humanity, like Mary totally open to God and all kindness to all mankind.

Father Darius and Mother Eusebia sought the will of God on their knees, contemplating the crucified Jesus, rejected and abandoned. On the open side of Jesus they knew God’s heart and the greatness of his love for all the crucified and abandoned that history placed on their way. They felt an urgent need to reveal the great tenderness of God's heart for the small and the last ones. Through God’s heart they learned to regard the poor as "the apple of God's eye."

Father Darius and Mother Eusebia felt their were being called to give life to our family of Daughters of St. Eusebius in Vercelli (Italy), as an ideal continuation of the Monastery of the Holy Eusebian Virgins, dedicated to prayer and service of charity.

Illuminated by the Church today, with wonder we rediscover St. Eusebius as our true and inspiring Father. He lived a unique experience of church-fellowship in his monastery, men’s and women’s, reproducing the model of the first community in Jerusalem, as described in the Acts of the Apostles. Strong in the faith taught by the Apostles, they lived Trinitarian relationships and in the mystery of Jesus, true God and true man, who in the incarnation took over our poverty, sensed the way the deification of men...

Their monastery was fed with the Word of God and the prayer. The atmosphere of communion was felt throughout the Church and involved also those who were alienated from God. They were in agreement with Mary, as the Room in Jerusalem.

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