Our mission today

Looking at the mystery of love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we learn to live on earth as sons, daughters, sisters and brothers.

We reveal the greatness and tenderness from God's heart for the weakest of his children, if we personally and communally experiment his love.

The awareness that the Trinity always works to communicate with each man and all mankind awakes in us the desire of announcing the Gospel to every man that Providence puts on our path.

We realized that the evangelization of the poor is our first mission. The Word makes us find the poor humanity and makes us aware of the great poverty of modern man. Therefore we feel the urgency of our personal and communal evangelization, so that our announcement becomes experience and witness of love.

Living in communion, being an only heart and soul, makes the Trinity visible for the brethren. The Trinity teaches us to love "the mystical body." Every man and all humanity belong to us. We learned to experience of God in our brothers, to live constantly with the Trinity, who lives in us and also in our brothers.

Loving the "mystical body" is loving every brother, especially the last ones, the suffering, the poor ... Living Trinitarian relationships is to go from serving the poor to communion with the poor and that is hoe God communicates. The brother, in our community, should feel "at home".

Every human being is precious before God’s eyes, because they were created in His image and likeness and called to eternal communion with Him. Pope Paul VI speaks of "worshiping our brothers", that is, of appreciation for the human person in a way that it gives them the first place, the priority over all other reality.

Jesus was moved when he saw the crowds, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. It is this look of compassion for the most abandoned and unwanted that God continues to give us, like living charisma today. Our charity service measures our faithfulness to Jesus: serving the poor is serving Him (Cfr.Mt25 0.35 to 36).

Jesus revealed the depth of the Father’s love and returned to every man the full dignity of God’s child. With this awareness in the exercise of charity, we must welcome every man as our brother and a son of God. This faith inspires our inner attitudes and our service. No one among us is master, no one is superior to the other, and true greatness is to be small in the service for all the people.

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