The Calling

Since I was very young, I clearly felt the voice of God calling me to be his wife.
The world was not attractive to me; the convent sacred walls attracted me strongly and there I was to experience the true joy; there was the shelter that my heart desired.
At the age of 19, I asked the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Holy Christmas to accept me at the pious house to be religious.
I started in the religious life after going through many ordeals, because my beloved parents did not want to allow me to go to the convent at all. My dear father made me suffer a lot; he kept me at home and was opposed to the idea with all his fatherly authority. So I raised my prayers to God even more, as to enlighten my dear parents, especially my father. One day they gave the long-awaited permission..... At that moment I felt great consolation and joy!

Before leaving, I knelt before my parents and they gave me their motherly and fatherly blessings.
I left Milan on March 29, 1887 and went to the Sisters of the Holy Christmas in Turin. I was here until 1897. I was delighted to serve the Lord. I carried out any office that the obedience gave me with so much love that I felt no fatigue.

I lived happily and content for many years; I worked at home and out and nothing ever disturbed the peace and tranquility of my soul; however, a very painful ordeal waited for me.
One day, my superiors told me that great things were thought about me, but they did not want explain it more clearly to me. They were inspired to return me to the world. My pleas were of no avail and I had, with great sadness, to leave the house in which I worked so many years.

(The Founder’s Autobiography)

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