The Foundation in Vercelli

In 1898, I received a letter from Father Darius Bognetti, from the diocese of Vercelli. He asked me why I had left the Pious House of the Holy Christmas in Turin, where I had been so happy and peaceful, serving the Lord. "I confess he carried on, I would have done the sign of the cross three times, but I would have never believed this: that you would so easily leave for the world!"

I replied to that letter in few lines, saying that it was certainly not my desire to leave for the world, for I had done all I could to stay in that holy house I loved so much; nevertheless, the divine will allowed differently and I cried with Christian resignation: " Thy will be done in everything! But know that I'm not alone; I have other girls with me. Come whenever you want to visit us, your visit will be of great comfort and joy! "

After a few months, the Curia of Milan became interested in us, because they wanted a charity institution to help the humanity in sorrow in the Diocese of Milan. I replied that a Reverend of the priest of the Diocese of Vercelli had the same intention and desire, that is, to serve the poor and unfortunate, who are the apple of his eye, as well as perform other works of charity and education according to our strengths; to do this, they want to take us to Vercelli, because in this town there is no work devoted to the sick and poor people. He will start work as soon as he receives the blessing from his Archbishop. "

While the required consent didn’t come, good Father Dario sent some good young girls to me in Milan, so that they could join us to perform works of charity and sanctify themselves

Finally, after a long wait and much sighing, the answer came and, to be honest, I cannot describe the sadness I felt in my heart to leave my beloved city, where everybody loved and helped me so much.

We arrived in Vercelli on March 29, 1899 and here, Father Darius and I, along with our first Sisters began again the work that was already being carried out, and put ourselves under the protection of Divine Providence and the protection of Jesus and Holy Mary and St. Joseph and our glorious Father St. Eusebius.

And soon the poor knock at the door...

We looked for a bigger house so we could attend to the numerous requests from the poor unfortunate ones who needed our charity: they were old, crippled, physically and psychologically handicapped, crippled children, hydrocephalus and some that had been abandoned by their own parents.

The Eusebian House opened its arms to welcome the poor of Jesus Christ and nobody was ever denied the bread and acceptance.

(Founder’s autobiography)

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