The Founders: Mother Eusebia Arrigoni

Mother Eusebia´s parents and her daughter Daria
Luigina Arrigoni was the eldest of twelve children of Ambrogio Arrigoni and Angela Battaini; she was born on December 25, 1868 in Chiaravalle Milanese.

The Arrigonis moved to Monlué Milanese, where they started to produce cheese. A fire destroyed the shop and the house. The Arrigonis went to Milan, where they became distinguished by work and charity to the poor.

Luigina was a vivacious and pious girl. At the age of twelve she entered the College of the Sisters of Mary Girl in Milan; she learned all about embroidery. Five years later, the family´s financial distress forced her to leave school. She was ill for several months; she remained home for two years until her total recovery.

As an embroiderer, she could help her parents. At the Parish she taught catechism to the girls and gave assistance to some sick girls.

Soon she felt attracted to the consecrated life: "At the age of 19, I asked the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Holy Christmas to accept me at the pious house to be religious.
I started in the religious life after going through ordeals, because my beloved parents did not want to allow me to go to the convent at all. My dear father made me suffer a lot; he kept me at home and was opposed to the idea with all his fatherly authority. So I raised my prayers to God even more, as to enlighten my dear parents, especially my father. One day they gave the long-awaited permission..... At that moment I felt great consolation and joy! “
(Mother Eusebia´s autobiography).

Mother Eusebia´s birthplace
"I left Milan on March 29, 1887 and went to the Sisters of the Holy Christmas in Turin ... I was delighted to serve the Lord ..... I carried any office that the obedience gave me with so much love that I felt no fatigue. I loved the house of the Lord with all my strength. “(Mother Eusebia´s autobiography)"

In the community of the Holy Christmas, Luigina Arrigoni became known as Sister Francisca.

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