The Martyrdom (the ‘Old Life’)

Eusebius predicted his death in a dream; this is the passage from sorrow to peace, the struggle for eternal rest.

St. Eusebius gathered the clergy of the monastery, which lived with him and foretold all that would come to happen to him in the upcoming days. He told his dream and, with a smile on his face, comforted them, because, like the Savior, he would die and pray for them. They should not, therefore, fear anything: he would die and they would come out unscathed.

Several days later, a group of enraged Arians surrounded Eusebius’ house. They knew he was there, went in and dragged him out. They stoned him to death, spilling his blood and his brain on the floor. His holy soul, getting rid of the body, flew immediately to the glory he had anticipated.

Cathedral of Vercelli
dedicated to St. Eusebius
The disciples collected his body and buried him in the basilica that the holy man himself had built in honor of St. Teonestus and so the two bodies were together.

Since then God has performed many miracles at St. Eusebius’ tomb. Through God’s will many healings happen at his grave: the blind come to see, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak, the cripple and the paralyzed to stand up.

Glorious St. Eusebius, intercede for us!

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