The Ordeal has come

In the first years of the Foundation, a very tough ordeal was awaiting for us, it was a tough test, which we overcame thank to God, because we never searched for anything else except the pure glory of God.
The trials that the good Lord would send us came from the ecclesiastical authorities of the city. Some priests influenced the Archbishop so much that they could put into practice their plans to undermine the new Foundation: they wanted the Founder and sisters to renounce to everything they had for the benefit of some priests from the diocese.

The plans that the ecclesiastical authorities had for us were malignant. Those in charge of making this persecution were priests who sought to carry out their intention, that is, destroy the work of God; they partially succeeded because they sought to instill disorder in the sisters’ hearts, so that they would become unruly before their superiors. Their purpose was to make the sisters lose their respect and veneration for the Founders: Father Darius and Mother Eusebia.

In 1907, Father Darius was suspended "a divinis", that is, he was forbidden to celebrate the Eucharist. At this time he was sent to perform the Spiritual Exercises with the Jesuit Fathers. When he returned, urged by the ecclesiastical authorities, Father Darius Bognetti renounced to all his property, as the Archbishop had wished. The very next day he received the decree to celebrate again the Holy Eucharist.

Our venerable Archbishop also wanted the sisters to give up their property. The Divine Providence led everything according to God's will. He urged Father Darius to leave the house and to celebrate in another church in town, and Mother Eusebia was forbidden to operate the chapel.

We spent three years without the Blessed Sacrament in our little chapel. Meanwhile, the poor became more and more numerous and so did the sisters to serve sick ones.

After so much pain and suffering, the peace reigned again: the Archbishop reconciled with us, saying that everything had just been a "misunderstanding."

The congregation flourished more under God's blessing and the guidance of its founders: Father Darius and Mother Eusebia.

(Founder’s autobiography)

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