The Providential Encounter with Father Darius Bognetti

In 1897, while I was a religious person in the Holy Christmas in Turin, my superiors gave me the obedience to beg and the route designated for me was the diocese of Vercelli; going from village to village I arrived in Albano Vercellese. There, a good Bognetti family was recommended to host us; they consisted of father, mother, two daughters and a son who was a priest. I never met him; only this year, because of God’s will, I found him at home.

Father Darius wanted to talk to me and said: "Listen, Sister Frances, I have two young girls who want to be religious, but because they are poor, no convent receives them. I would ask that, if you think it’s reasonable, to intercede with your superiors, and I can guarantee that they have good health and are willing to serve the Lord. "
I promised I would put in a good word to my superiors, so that the girls were accepted.

The Priest Reverend wanted to open his heart and thought to me: "Listen, Sister Frances, I tell you this in holy confidence: I’ve wanted to become a missionary for a long time, or to go to some religious house as a chaplain or the director of some monastery.”

He also wanted to ask for advice. I said that I was not in a position to give advice to a priest, but I simply told him that he was being a missionary by doing good deeds where the obedience had placed him, that is, in the city of Confienza, and I added that he should remain calm, if it were the will of God that he became a chaplain of some Institute, in due time the Lord would fulfill his desire, but for now he should willingly do God's will obeying his parish priest, and concluded: "Remember, you are an only son, and your parents are already elderly"

That was the advice that I, as a simple nun, could give him, and then we said good-bye.

(The Founder’s Autobiography)

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