The Pursuit of God's Will

I was sent back to the world on March 29th, 1897. Sister Cristina came with me. I was not willing to seek other Sisters, I just wanted to withdraw for two or three months to pray, to restore tranquility and to get to know well what Jesus wanted from me, poor sinner.

So I went to the House of the Sacramentine Sisters, and I prayed to get to know what God’s holy will was. I was there for three months: April May and some days in June. After having prayed so hard and struggled to get to know what God’s will really was, I finally had to decide to leave that House, by sheer will of my beloved Jesus, my sweet husband. Sister Cristina never left me.

We went to the Church of the Sacred Heart, in Milan. Father Paulinius listened attentively all that had happened to us, comforted and reassured us, and told us: "Here in Milan, you can do good deeds and thus console the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

With this encouragement I felt stronger, and then I went to look for a little room to rent. Having found it, I went back to the Father, telling him I had found a little room and there I began the mission that the Divine Providence wanted me to perform for the service of the sick poor people in their homes.

Later I rented three more rooms and I did not just dedicated myself to the sick poor people, but I also took in poor children, to help their parents so that they could go to work and provide the bread for the family.

Besides my good companion Sister Cristina, another one joined in, Clara; later, another one, Mary ... and so we continued to provide assistance to poor patients, the nursery room and to a room for women’s works.

Divine Providence was great to me and, to tell the truth, I have no words to thank Jesus.
(The Founder’s autobiography).

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